After graduating from top universities across the United States and Europe such as Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown and Warwick, we started Aspire Academy in 2011. As friends, we shared a passion for education, a strong belief in the Romanian youth and a desire to offer our peers in Romania and Eastern Europe similar educational and social opportunities to the ones we experienced abroad. We now oversee Aspire's evolution as part of the Senior Board:


Giorgiana Neagu

Giorgiana was part of the first generation of Aspire Academy, in 2011, and was afterwards involved in the organizing team for 4 editions of

Ana Voicilă

Ana joined Aspire High School in 2014 and ever since she has been part of the Aspire organising team. She graduated from an Economics and

Dani Oros

Dani is leading the Marketing department at Google and YouTube in Romania. Dani was a participant at Aspire Academy 2011 and has been involved

Ana-Maria Dorobăț

Ana-Maria graduated magna cum laude from the American University in Paris, specializing in Political Science and International Economics. She also holds a Master’s in

Alex Lazar

Alex graduated from London Business School and is a former Co-President of Aspire (2011-2014), currently seating on the Board of Aspire. He previously worked

Dinu Gheorghe

Dinu Gheorghe is leading the online operations for RCS&RDS, the leading telekom operator in Romania, managing both the ecommerce and the media platforms. Previously

Alexandra Copos de Prada

Alexandra Copos de Prada is the CEO of ANA PAN, a chain of 23 pastry stores with tradition in Bucharest and the Co-Founder of

Alex Radu

Alex graduated Harvard University in 2008 with a degree in Economics and Government and received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2012. He

Ana Sarbu

Ana Sarbu graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2012, with a double degree in Government and Russian. She is currently working in

Our vision is to develop a community of ethical, successful and influential leaders across a wide variety of disciplines, with diverse backgrounds, across Europe and beyond. Over 70 individuals contribute to make Aspire a reality:


Rodica Burlacu

Rodica is one of the co-presidents of Aspire, being involved in the organization since 2014, when she attended Aspire Academy. She has held multiple

Ștefania Cioroba

Stefania Cioroba is one of the co-presidents of Aspire. She joined Aspire Academy in 2016 and ever since she has been part of the

Raluca Cocuti

Raluca is an alumna of the Aspire Academy 2013 edition and has been involved in the organizing team for several editions (being parts of

Cristian Ciuca

Cristi is an Aspire Academy 2018 Alumnus and a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company and has served client on topics ranging from strategy

Elena Zaharia

Elena is an Aspire High School Alumna 2014. She has been a member of the Logistics Team since 2016 where she coordinated several projects

Alexandra Roșca

Alexandra is an Aspire High School 2015 alumna and has joined the organization team in 2018, now leading the Image Circle. She is currently

Diana Murguleț

Diana is an alumna of Aspire Academy 2016 and is currently coordinating the recruitment process for the Aspire summer programs. Last year she was

Using an innovative system for self organization entitled holacracy, our team is organized in Circles:

Mission Critical Circle:

  • Luca Pantea
  • Ana Trandafir
  • Dan Mocan
  • Luca Onica
  • Ana Maria Olaru
  • Andra Neagu
  • Arina Florescu
  • Maria Cezar
  • Tudor Gaitan
  • Andrei Simion

People Circle:

  • Mara Rațiu
  • Daria Anghel
  • Anca Scarlat
  • Bianca Drotleff
  • Teodora Burduja
  • Augustus Sirbu
  • Teo Pariza
  • Georgia Canura
  • Alexia Manea

Image Circle:

  • Ana Zlătescu
  • Denisa Checiu
  • Elena Sorina Mihai
  • Jasmin Chue
  • Mihai Popa
  • Oana Nourescu
  • Rareș Borcea
  • Roxana Ungurenuș
  • Vlad Popelca

Money Circle:

  • Tudor Constantinescu
  • Andrei Petrescu
  • Tudor Ardelean
  • Paul Gaica
  • Alin Hampău
  • Patricia Trofin
  • Ioana Codrina Simionescu
  • Matei Apolzan
  • Raluca Georgescu

Pre-Accelerator Circle:

  • Alexandru Romanica
  • Andrei Petrescu
  • Leonard Dima
  • Florin Gheorghiu
  • Noah Shoppl

Recruitment Circle:

  • Mihai Popa
  • Ștefania Pila
  • Daria Anghel
  • Alexia Manea
  • Alex Mocanu
  • Georgia Canura
  • Denisa Pandele
  • Denisa Checiu
  • Sabina Gradinariu
  • Patricia Trofin
  • Lucie Obrtelová
  • Mara Rațiu
  • Maka Shankishvili
  • Yvonne Natalia Preda
  • Laura Radacovici
  • Dalia Ardelean
  • Mara Duțu
  • Andrea Panțiru