Organizing Team

Aspire Steering Committee

The Steering Committee handles the long-term strategic planning and decision-making for the Aspire organization according to the mission, vision and values of the organization established in the first years of existence.


Ana-Maria Ciobanu

Ana-Maria graduated magna cum laude from the American University in Paris, specializing in Political Science and International Economics. She also holds a Master’s in Public Administration, from the University of Bucharest, as well as a certificate in International Relations, from the Romanian Diplomatic Institute. Currently, Ana is working for the American Chamber of Commerce in Romania as Advocacy & External Relations Coordinator.

Alex Lazar

Alex graduated from London Business School and is a former Co-President of Aspire (2011-2014), currently seating on the Board of Aspire. He previously worked in London in strategy consulting and currently resides in Bucharest where he is managing new product launches in the water industry.

Dinu Gheorghe

Dinu Gheorghe is leading the online operations for RCS&RDS, the leading telekom operator in Romania, managing both the ecommerce and the media platforms. Previously he worked as a financial consultant for Hidroelectrica and Electrica S.A, the two largest energy production and distribution companies in Romania. Dinu’s passion for entrepreneurship lead him to create 2 succesful startups in the IT and agriculture sectors. Dinu holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Warwick Business School and a Master in Finance from Instituto Empresa.

Dani Oros

Dani is leading the Marketing department at Google and YouTube in Romania. Dani was a participant at Aspire Academy 2011 and has been involved in various roles ever since: Finance Manager, Co-President and Board Member. Prior to joining Google, he was a Country Manager for BlaBlaCar, the world largest’s carpooling platform, in Romania, Hungary and Croatia. Before that, he worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney and as Head of Special Projects for Ana Holding / Ana Imep.

Ana Sarbu

Ana Sarbu graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2012, with a double degree in Government and Russian. She is currently working in business development for Palantir Technologies, a software company co-founded by Peter Thiel. Previously she was employed with Richard Attias & Associates, a New York-based international strategic communications consulting company.

Alex Radu

Alex graduated Harvard University in 2008 with a degree in Economics and Government and received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2012. He is currently working in London and New York. He is passionate about transforming education and enjoys sailing, flying and traveling.

Aspire Executive Board of Directors

The Executive Board comprises senior-level leaders from the Aspire community and advises the organizing team on decisions and business matters ranging from strategy planning, risk and growth of organization, fundraising and team management.


Elena Zaharia

Elena is an Aspire High School Alumna 2014. She has been a member of the Logistics Team since 2016 where she coordinated several projects as a project manager and currently she is the head of both the logistics circle and the people circle. She studied International Relations and European Studies at the University of Bucharest. Elena is passionate about education, traveling, learning, event planning. She believes that we can make a change in the society only if we start with ourselves.

Ana Voicilă

Ana joined Aspire High School in 2014 and ever since she has been part of the Aspire organising team. She graduated from an Economics and Business program at UCL and now continues her studies in Finance at Harvard Extension School, while working in investment banking in London. Ana joined Aspire’s Mission Circle for 2 years, lead the Incubator and acted as Aspire Co-President. She is currently sitting on the Aspire Strategic Board.  
antonius hegyes

Antonius Cezar Hegyes


Daniel Georgescu

Daniel has been part of Aspire since 2014. He joined as a member of the logistics team, led it in 2017 and currently oversees the finance and partnership ares of the organisation. In his daily life, Daniel works at the forefront of 2 new technologies, as part of the EMEA Business Development team of UiPath and as the partnership manager for a leading platform in Decentralised Finance. He is very passionate about travelling, sailing and education.

Giorgiana Neagu

Giorgiana was part of the first generation of Aspire Academy, in 2011, and was afterwards involved in the organizing team for 4 editions of the programs, in different roles (Head of Logistics, Head of Programs and Co-President). She studied communication and public relations and has a Master`s Degree in Organizational Communication. At the moment, she is Training Coordinator at a multinational company in Brasov, leading a team of 5 people and implementing training programs for 850 people.

Călin Dandu

Calin is an innovative-thinking, strategic-minded professional with extensive consultancy experience on strategic planning, operations & logistics and organisational development. He has excellent interpersonal, communication and presentations skills, and his professional experience includes working with both public and private sectors in various countries across Europe, North America and the Middle East. His areas of expertise include helping clients achieve operational excellence through strategic planning and organization development in industries such as engineering, banking, NGOs and government. He has a proven capacity to meet and exceed expectations, and a strong performance record in financial & operational planning and project management. A couple his professional responsibilities include: Coordinating the strategy, operations and logistics of organization development and training programs, developing market entry strategies, building relationships with C-level executives or successfully planning and executing various engineering projects in residential and luxury engineering worth up to 2M USD. An enthusiastic learner, Calin has participated in extensive training on leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development. He is also a certified Internal Auditor, and speaks four languages. His academic accomplishments include a Bachelor’s degree in Surveying Engineering and Master of Science degree in Geomatics from Transylvania University in Brasov. He also achieved an additional Master of Business Administration degree in a joint program between the International Institute of Management in Paris and Bucharest Academy of Economical Sciences, where he received his degree with honours and was awarded for exceptional business planning in a competition organized by California State University.

Daniel Iacob