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About Us

More than an academy, a life-changing experience for future leaders and entrepreneurs

Aspire was founded in Romania 8 years ago by five Harvard, Princeton and other Ivy League graduates. We offer leadership and entrepreneurship programs and so much more to young leaders around the world. Our regular speakers are professors from Harvard and other top schools from the US and Europe. Our mission is to discover, develop and connect outstanding young people, who have a proven track record of leadership in the domains they activate in. We inspire and empower our over 800 alumni to find their true life goals and bring their contribution to the society’s development.


selective recruitment
We adhere to the highest standards of recruitment and focus on four key areas: leadership track, intellectual and emotional maturity, personal drive and community engagement.


transformative experience
Our programs are designed to inspire and motivate participants, help them grow in all areas of life and achieve their true potential.


supportive community
We offer 360-degree support to our alumni and empower them to reach their goals and aspirations. We create exclusive professional, educational and social opportunities for our members by connecting them with like-minded peers, mentors and companies.

What unites the Aspire community is a shared commitment to excellence and societal impact. We are defined by our values:


Be introspective and challenge the status quo. Be committed to developing yourself personally and professionally


Bring about positive change in your community by engaging in social projects or starting a sustainable business


Set clear goals for yourself and start working on them now. Think of what would make you proud years from now, when looking back at your life


We select highly motivated and diverse participants who stand out within their communities. As an Aspire Alumnus or Alumna you become an ambassador for Aspire so you are expected to adhere to the highest standards of achievement


We provide opportunities that go far beyond our summer programs and are committed to supporting you in all stages of your life

Aspire Programs

The only leadership and entrepreneurship programs in Romania where Harvard and Stanford professors teach and inspire

Start with our core programs and continue your development for a lifelong experience!

Aspire Academy

Dedicated to distinctive students, Aspire Academy is the only leadership and entrepreneurship academy in Romania with courses taught by top Harvard, Stanford, Wharton professors, successful regional CEOs and entrepreneurs.

Aspire High School

Dedicated to outstanding high school students Aspire High School aims to help them define their academic and professional journey and connect them with mentors who will inspire and challenge them.

Aspire Professional

Dedicated to young professionals, Aspire Professional is our unique educational and professional development experience in which participants interact with Ivy League professors and inspiring leaders.

Aspire for Teachers

Dedicated to primary and secondary school teachers, Aspire for Teachers is an innovative pedagogical program, designed to help them become teacher – leaders, role models and trainers of the next generations of children.

Aspire Graduate

Dedicated exclusively to Aspire alumni, Aspire Graduate aims to be a natural next step to our summer programs' curricula, further focusing on personal development and community building.

Aspire Pre-accelerator

The Pre-Accelerator programme is a talent organization that acts as a bridge between startups and accelerators. The programme is suitable to early-stage or first time entrepreneurs.

We like empowering our alumni and giving back to the community. That's why we offer a follow-up system with mentorship, education and career guidance, as well as incubation for all types of projects and ideas.

Amazing experience! You really don’t expect that 7 days can change your life completely and that you’ll meet so many great people at one

Jelena Lučić / Serbia

Aspire Academy – that milestone that splits your life into ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Georgiana Epure / Romania

Not at all what I expected. It was actually far more than I ever could have expected! And this coming from an almost religiously

Miklos Buksa / Hungary

Aspire was that magical recipe with a mixture of “emotional” and “educational” experiences. Once you taste it, you’ll be immediately integrated in the most

Riadh Mansouri / Algeria

It was like a one-week reality show! Not a regular one though, but extremely meaningful, educational, super emotional and turning your world upside down!

Olga Mazur / Ukraine

One might think that all those people promoting Aspire must be a bit crazy… But no, what they promise is what you actually get.

Alexa Stanescu / Romania

Aspire is about defining yourself from the inside, while shaping the outside under the guidance of experts. The experience helped me accept my real

Cezara Lozneanu / Romania

Aspire Academy is more than a summer school program. Aspire is a state of mind.

Delia Stamate / Romania

At Aspire I learned that I can teach myself everyday to learn better than I did yesterday and prepare for a brighter tomorrow. Proud

Florin Amariei / Romania

It was a really nice experience and a chance to increase our network.

Sorina Petrescu / Romania

I liked the atmosphere we created together as a team and with you the organizers, the positive vibe that you shared and your professionalism.

Lavinia Alexandra Cristescu / Romania

It was an excellent start for the program, a successful prototype as you named it. The best is yet to come!

Cosmin Buteica / Romania

Excellent recruitment process and very good facility options. The courses were remarkable too.

Dani Sandu / Romania

Professors, Speakers and Mentors


Mihaela Feodorof

Executive Coach and Business Consultant

Ismail Radwan

World Bank Public Sector Expert

Dan Pascariu

Board President at UniCredit Tiriac Bank

Fady Chreih

CEO, Regina Maria

Nadia Roumani

Lecturer in Design Thinking at Stanford University

Andreea Gorbatai

Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley, PhD Harvard Business School

Phil Malone

Professor at Stanford, Innovation and Intellectual Property

Luciana Herman

Lecturer in Public Policy, Stanford University, PhD in the Art of Writing

Alumni Club

Born in Romania, raised around the world

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Alumni Success Stories

Cassandra Boruzescu

This week’s Alumni Wednesday features Cassandra Boruzescu. She is a 12th grader at a renowned high school from Bucharest and she is currently working hard on her college application. Her dream is to study political sciences in the USA. Some of her more recent accomplishments include the EYP Romania Regional Selection Session Muntenia 2013 which

Noah Schöppl

Noah Schöppl is an AI strategy associate at ALLAI and member of the management team of ProjectTogether, a Berlin-based digital incubator for social innovation. He pursues a part-time MSc at the Oxford Internet Institute. Noah is a researcher and entrepreneur with experience in strategy consulting, impact investing and cybersecurity.

Anca Balaceanu

Anca is a student at Dartmouth College and has been very successful in terms of leadership, entrepreneurship and public speaking. She plans to use her passion for movie production to raise awareness and contribute to a more caring society. Read the full story and how Aspire was a turning point in her life.

Founders Group

After graduating from top universities across the United States and Europe such as Harvard, Princeton, Georgetown and Warwick, we started Aspire Academy in 2011. As friends, we shared a passion for education, a strong belief in the Romanian youth and a desire to offer our peers in Romania and Eastern Europe similar educational and social opportunities to the ones we experienced abroad.

Our vision is to develop a community of ethical, successful and influential leaders across a wide variety of disciplines, with diverse backgrounds, across Europe and beyond.

Ana Sarbu

Ana Sarbu graduated magna cum laude from Georgetown University in 2012, with a double degree in Government and Russian. She is currently working in business development for Palantir Technologies, a software company co-founded by Peter Thiel. Previously she was employed with Richard Attias & Associates, a New York-based international strategic communications consulting company.

Alex Radu

Alex graduated Harvard University in 2008 with a degree in Economics and Government and received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 2012. He is currently working in London and New York. He is passionate about transforming education and enjoys sailing, flying and traveling.

Alexandra Copos de Prada

Alexandra Copos de Prada is the CEO of ANA PAN, a chain of 23 pastry stores with tradition in Bucharest and the Co-Founder of Moonstar Ventures, a start-up in education technology that aims to reinvent corporate training, based out of London. Alexandra was previously the CEO of Ana Hotels, the largest hotel company in Romania with over 1,000 employees and 30M EUR turnover. In

Dinu Gheorghe

Dinu Gheorghe is leading the online operations for RCS&RDS, the leading telekom operator in Romania, managing both the ecommerce and the media platforms. Previously he worked as a financial consultant for Hidroelectrica and Electrica S.A, the two largest energy production and distribution companies in Romania. Dinu’s passion for entrepreneurship lead him to create 2 succesful startups in the IT and agriculture sectors. Dinu holds

Our Team

Elena Zaharia

Elena is an Aspire High School Alumna 2014. She has been a member of the Logistics Team since 2016 where she coordinated several projects as a project manager and currently she is the head of both the logistics circle and the people circle. She studied International Relations and European Studies at the University of Bucharest. Elena is passionate about education, traveling, learning, event planning.

Ana Voicilă

Ana joined Aspire High School in 2014 and ever since she has been part of the Aspire organising team. She graduated from an Economics and Business program at UCL and now continues her studies in Finance at Harvard Extension School, while working in investment banking in London. Ana joined Aspire’s Mission Circle for 2 years, lead the Incubator and acted as Aspire Co-President. She is

Antonius Cezar Hegyes

Daniel Iacob

Giorgiana Neagu

Giorgiana was part of the first generation of Aspire Academy, in 2011, and was afterwards involved in the organizing team for 4 editions of the programs, in different roles (Head of Logistics, Head of Programs and Co-President). She studied communication and public relations and has a Master`s Degree in Organizational Communication. At the moment, she is Training Coordinator at a multinational company in Brasov,

Călin Dandu

Daniel Georgescu

Aspire is the News

Cel mai apreciat profesor de la Harvard a predat in Poiana Brasov. Ce sfat le da tinerilor din Romania

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