Alain Heureux

Alain Heureux, serial entrepreneur starting his first company in 1984 and still creating companies at the current age of 52. Most companies were and are active in media, marketing, digital and technologies. Parallel to his ventures, Alain has taken an active part in many professional marketing, creative, and digital associations across Europe. He is part of the Strategy Policy Forum from the European Commission on Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship.

In 2010, he opened one of the first Incubators in Brussels hosting more than 60 starters from the creative industries as well as hosting events from corporates and institutions (The Egg Brussels&Pepibru). Today, Alain Heureux is the co-founder of Brussels Creative and Creative Ring as well as trainer of starters and corporates throughout the Virtuology Academy. Cross-over innovation and creative ecosystems are the two main focus points.