Aspire Tips & Tricks – 1.3. CV with Ilinca Suciu

We are thrilled to extend our inspiring series, providing you with a fresh perspective on enhancing any application you work on.

The next alumna that decided to help us in this journey is our 2022 Aspire Academy Alumna, Ilinca Suciu. Ilinca is a student at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. She found her passion for finance at WU Academic Trading and Investment Society.

1. In your opinion, what are the most important 3 elements every successful CV must have? 

Structure – for a successful CV, you need to show your achievements in a very organized and minimal setting;

• Relevancy & Personalization– don’t take your CV as a document you’ll send to recruiters in the same format; you have to only include the skills that are relevant for the job and will make you look like the perfect fit;

Hobbies – don’t be afraid to include your hobbies, your CV needs to tell your story, and a big part of it is the activities that you are not doing “for your CV”, but for you; they can be a nice starting point in any interview.

2. What is the best advice/feedback you have ever received regarding your CV? 

Don’t overcrowd it! Keep it under a page if you’re a student, there is no need for lengthy CVs. Only keep what you believe makes you suited for the job and remove any unnecessary information. 

3. If you were to change anything about how your CV looks/presents itself now, what would that be?

I lost the colours and only kept black and white. Also, I would rewrite some of the descriptions and would make them more succinct. And delete “proficiency in Microsoft Office”, everyone is 🙂 

We hope that you’ll find this information useful and interesting and you’ll use it in writing your future resume.

That being said, keep your eyes on the blog ‘cause interesting things are yet to come! 🙂

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