The Aspire magic works in mysterious ways // Human of Aspire 2023 with Maria Halmaghi

Maria Halmaghi is one of our energetic and inspiring 2023 Aspire Academy Alumni. She completed her Bachelor’s in Business, Economics and Social Sciences at WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business and is one of our 5 Vodafone scholarship recipients. 1.   What are you working on right now (both on a personal and professional level)? Currently, I am working at Aqurate, a Romanian SaaS start-up where I am part of the Marketing team. In my day-to-day activity, I take care of a variety of tasks from marketing campaigns, market reports, content & case studies, and social media to offline events. …

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Aspire Accomplishments 2020: adapt, innovate, transform

Every September we start a new Aspire year with new plans, hopes and ideas. We turn ideas into plans, plans into projects and projects into means to reach our goals and objectives. September is also the moment when we think about the things we did, the projects we brought to life during this Aspire year. I’m excited to share with you briefly our Aspire accomplishments between September 2019 and August 2020 as well as a glimpse into our future plans.

Aspire Ambassadors 2020

Inspiring and having a personal connection with our potential Aspire members has always been at the heart of Aspire. Therefore, this year, Aspire Ambassadors 2020 has been instrumental to reaching out to students in university and high school and to answering their numerous questions. Similar to many of our regular activities, the Aspire Ambassadors 2020 had to adapt to the current times and reinvent itself.

Aspire GiveBack 2019

They say Christmas is the time of the year when we all take a moment to reflect, give back and show the people around us how grateful we are for everything that has come into our lives. Through the Aspire GiveBack Project, our community has succeeded, once again, in making a change to the world by bringing happiness into the lives of 30 children.