The Aspire magic works in mysterious ways // Human of Aspire 2023 with Maria Halmaghi

Maria Halmaghi is one of our energetic and inspiring 2023 Aspire Academy Alumni. She completed her Bachelor’s in Business, Economics and Social Sciences at WU – Vienna University of Economics and Business and is one of our 5 Vodafone scholarship recipients.

1.   What are you working on right now (both on a personal and professional level)?

Currently, I am working at Aqurate, a Romanian SaaS start-up where I am part of the Marketing team. In my day-to-day activity, I take care of a variety of tasks from marketing campaigns, market reports, content & case studies, and social media to offline events. Personally, besides marketing, I am very passionate about the start-up ecosystem in Romania, so I am trying to learn as much as possible about this field. Thus, I am always on the lookout for experiences that can help me develop and grow as much as possible.

2. What do you consider your best achievement is?

My best achievement so far was my decision to move back to Romania. Although I enjoyed my studies abroad, Romania has a special place in my heart. I believe that it has a lot to offer to young people and there are countless opportunities here to be explored.

3. What does Aspire mean to you? 

To me Aspire means motivation. I have met so many wonderful and ambitious people during the 8-day Academy programme that have inspired me to become a better person. It truly is an amazing experience that goes beyond it being a summer programme and I am looking forward to many more activities with Aspire!

4. How do you feel Aspire impacted your personal & professional growth? 

Despite only one month passing since the programme concluded, I already sense that Aspire motivated me to step outside of my comfort zone both personally and professionally.

On the very first day of Aspire, Giorgiana Matei conducted an “ice-breaker” session, aiding us in getting better acquainted with our colleagues. The session revolved around us forming groups of 10 and brainstorming ideas for a TED Talk-style speech. After deliberations within the team, my proposal – which focused on the topic of learning foreign languages, was selected. Consequently, I had the opportunity to deliver a brief speech about a subject I was deeply passionate about, before fellow Aspirers.

This experience served as a significant source of inspiration, prompting me to realize that my passion might also pique the interest of others. With this newfound confidence, I decided to work further on my idea and apply for a real TED talk…and guess what? They liked it too! Therefore, I will soon be delivering a TED Talk in Bucharest (on a real stage this time – isn’t that exciting?).
Had it not been for my Aspire journey, I am confident that I would not have thought to embark on this endeavor. My conclusion: The Aspire magic works in mysterious ways!

5. What is the most treasured memory you have from Aspire?

Too many: Getting up way too early after barely 4-5 hours of sleep just to jump into the jacuzzi with my colleagues, us singing and dancing at the Karaoke party, busting out bachata moves whenever a Spanish song played, and all the great talks I had with some of the best people!

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