5 memorable Aspire quotes- summer ’21

“Who is your role model?”

No matter how common yet insightful interview question this is, all the Aspire alumni would find it difficult to look for the right answer to it. Why? Because every speaker at the summer program was a veritable addition to our people-to-look-up-to list.

Our role models are those humans that inspire and guide us through every stage of our lives. Of course, they represent the best source for quotes since one of the most powerful ways in which they influence us is through their words. Although it would be next to impossible to remember each brilliant speech heard at Aspire mott-a-mott, some quotes have indeed remained in our hearts.

Let me share with you a couple of the fascinating quotes that have dominated the discussions at Aspire 2021 and that have stuck with us ever since!

“The memory is fueled by the chemistry of one’s emotions”

Sorana Pascariu

Public speaking teaching

It has been shown that people forget 50 percent of the new information within an hour and 70 percent within a day. As a week passes by, 90 percent of it is lost. In addition, it is said that we- human beings- do not remember the people, but how they make us feel. 

What Sorana taught us is that chemicals in our bodies play an important role in our lives. They are not only responsible for our state of mind, but they also influence our memories. That is because chemistry is the wizard that prints the facts on our heads. 

She, as a professional public speaker, has to take this aspect into consideration every time she delivers a speech and uses it to her benefit. She wears her heart on her sleeve to connect with her audience and that is when the magic begins. 

Though keeping this in mind comes in hand in our day-to-day life. It helps us spark unforgettable, meaningful conversations and reminds us to feel the most out of every second, this being the only way to live a life to remember. 

”Assume 100% responsibility. Just find a way. No complaints.”

Sam Potolicchio

Redefining charisma

Should you wonder what your part of the responsibility is regardless of the context, here you have the answer. Take your life in your own hands. Don’t make excuses or look for anyone else to put the blame on but yourself. Don’t expect anything from the other people in your life and do good, but not in the scope of receiving it back (although karma always does its job).

Find a way to do everything that you put in mind and foresee your obstacles in order to avoid them. Of course, be flexible, adjusting according to whatever comes up. As harsh as I know it seems, there is no need to complain. A great leader considers oneself responsible in each aspect of one’s life.  

“Think twice. Have an inner debate on everything”

Radu Atanasiu

Critical thinking

All of us, humans, have beliefs. Our thoughts and opinions make us who we are. Our principles and values are the basis of our evolution and a guide when it comes to making decisions. Everything, though, is a decision.

Have you ever considered that what you fully believe to be true or right might not be the same in others’ opinions and perhaps- who knows?- for good reason? If not, it is high time you started practicing this technique of critical thinking.

From now on, question everything, striving not to be biased. Look at things from different perspectives and analyze each angle. 

“Have no fear.”

Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Soare fireside chat with Alex Radu

Anastasia’s mother used to tell her to be fearless when she was little. Even if the well-known businesswoman had little support back then, she trusted herself and became a famous name in today’s world. She started her own business in America, a foreign country on a different continent from her birthplace- Romania, not knowing the language and being a single mother just because she trusted what she was selling and that was enough!

Her story is as inspiring as it can get and the way she talks about dreams makes every one of us- girl, boy, youngster or grown-up believe that ours are so important that it is worth risking for accomplishing them no matter what. 

“Don’t be intimidated by the problem!”  

Steve Jarding

What it takes to be a leader

When you realize the existence of an issue, you are one step forward on the right path. Focusing on the problem might hold you back from seeing the solution. By contrast, endeavoring to find the light at the end of the tunnel takes you closer to your achieving your ultimate goal.  

We all have problems that vary in gravity. Moreover, the entire world in this day and age confronts the most challenging threats that have ever occurred. Whether you are facing a small personal matter or something that has a global impact, you are definitely able to reach a positive result if you are courageous and confident enough!

There is always a solution waiting for you to find it. Go get it! 

Looking back to the amazing Aspire program I am beyond myself with joy to have been in the same room with such inspiring leaders. My colleagues and I enjoyed every bit of it! Should you be interested to see who else has joined the program over the years as quality professors and top speakers, check out our list here.

Addressing the brave readers among you, I was wondering which one of the quotes listed above is your favorite. What about your all-time favorite quotes? I would love to read about your experiences in the comment section. 🤗

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  1. Amazing article, Daria!!! You selected truly inspirational quotes from our program and illustrated perfectly why they are so important to us.
    My favourite all time quote would probably be: “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time”. I think this quote could also show the attitude of most people who come to Aspire:)


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