Aspire Ambassadors 2020

Inspiring and having a personal connection with our potential Aspire members has always been at the heart of Aspire. Therefore, this year, Aspire Ambassadors 2020 has been instrumental to reaching out to students in university and high school and to answering their numerous questions. Similar to many of our regular activities, the Aspire Ambassadors 2020 had to adapt to the current times and reinvent itself.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

The above motto inspired and motivated the organising team to set up Aspire Ambassadors Program throughout this hectic year. Led by the amazing Andra Neagu, our wonderful team of Aspire Ambassadors has come together to spread the Aspire spirit during the second half of February and the beginning of March.

This year, the Aspire Ambassadors team consisted of 11 volunteers, who have been active members in our community, engaging in various activities throughout the time. Eager to share the Aspire spirit, they did not hesitate to answer the call.

“One of the values of Aspire is to strive to give back to your community. As an Aspire Ambassador, I am grateful to have the chance to spread the story of this eye-opening experience, to guide others towards becoming successful leaders who will surely change our community for the better!” – Ana Olivia Poenariu

Their main activity was to visit high schools and colleges in Romania and the rest of Europe. High Schoolers and students from cities such as Bucharest, Cluj – Napoca and Fagaras had the opportunity to find out more about our community and our summer programs. Held in their own school or university department, the presentations were nicely delivered by our fantastic Aspire Ambassbadors.

“Aspire Ambassadors has been my favourite new initiative of this years Organising Team. Passing on the spirit and legacy of Aspire in some of Romanias top high schools and getting to share firsthand experience of the summer programs was insightful not only for the attendees but also for Alexandra and myself in seeing how our values and principles work to empower our community and hold it closely together.” – Alexandru Mocanu

Highlights of the Aspire Ambassadors 2020

We have reached a number of over 500 high school students, who showed interest in our programs and engaged with our ambassadors, by asking them various questions. Internationally, university students in the Netherlands and the UK have learned about our community and our programs.

“Going from high school to high school, seizing the hunger for knowledge from the pupilseyes as well as their openness and curiosity, made me acknowledge why the Aspire journey is crucially needed in ones life. Having had the chance to express the feeling of belongingness to a community of outstanding people and promote the Aspire culture was truly an empowering experience that I would gladly repeat anytime soon.” – Alexandra Nanu

Above all, we would like to thank our team of Ambassadors for their incredible work and for their unwavering enthusiasm. Without them, these events and the connection with our Aspire candidates would not have been possible.

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