Aspire Christmas Ball – 2019 edition

During the Christmas holidays, Santa’s elves organised the biggest family reunion of the year – the Aspire Christmas Ball. The most magical time of the year is best spent drinking a mulled wine while being thankful for what’s around us. 

“I believe this Christmas Ball was one of the best so far. Congrats!” – Dani Oros, Aspire Board member

This Christmas Ball took place at last year’s location, Grădina Floreasca, on the 21st of December. We sang Christmas carols, made good deeds for the Aspire Giveback and shared Secret Santa gifts.

Aspire Christmas Ball 2019
Aspire Christmas Ball 2019

90 presents waited patiently under the Christmas tree to meet their receivers. This year we used a different approach in regards to Santa’s presents distribution: every table of Aspirers had a prepared red sack full of delivered surprises. The fun was in discovering every gift and who it belonged to. Participants loved this method as it saved a lot of dancing time and they found everything very engaging.

The glamorous theme for this year’s ball was amazingly portrayed by the participants’ shiny outfits, the neatly arranged tables and the delicious buffet. We served amazing dishes prepared by the chef at Grădina Floreasca, the favourites being the turkey skewers, hash browns with rosemary and the falafel tortilla. 

Aspire Christmas Ball 2019 in numbers

We are proud to announce we gathered 130 Aspirers, out of which:

  • 100 alumni 
  • 20 aspiring Aspirers
  • 10 Board members 

It seems like everyone enjoyed the ball as much as we loved organising every detail:

“Really well organised and super fun! It was the best weekend I had in Bucharest so far and the ball got together most of my friends who contributed to this whole experience!” – Sab Caziuc, Aspire Professionals 2019

“The layout, the food and everything else was really well organised and the way the Secret Santa gifts were arranged was very nice.” – Bogdan Termegan, Aspire Academy 2016

The Aspire organising team worked almost two months for this night, making sure the community found it an overall perfect place to connect with new alumni and have fun with old friends. A big thank you goes to Santa’s helpers who organised this glamorous evening: Georgia, Iulia, Teo, Bogdan; and the Aspire Christmas Giveback team: Andra and Luca. 

“Many thank you notes to the organising team for putting all of this together, we danced all night to our favourite songs and it felt like a Christmas family gathering.” – anonymous Aspire alumni

Author: Georgia Canura

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