Aspire Christmas Reunion- 2021 edition

Now that “the most wonderful time of the year” went by, what about a close retrospective look upon Aspire Community’s most recent Christmas spent together?

As you all have been used to, the longed-for Aspire Christmas Ball is our deeply-rooted winter tradition. What a time to be alive surrounded by your favorite people, showing your best dancing moves, eating candy bread and drinking sparkling champagne, all these while laughing your heart out! (We know you did… Our photos show us your gorgeous smile).

Quick recap, you all?

Our annual Christmas event is a glamorous party where our dear alumni and their plus ones get together to celebrate the success of Aspire along the present year, to reconnect with old buds from their generation of aspirers or to develop their network even more.

Our first ever such event took place in 2013. Since then we have never forgotten the special moment of the year when we dress up according to a fabulous theme and play our role as Secret Santas in an Aspire Christmas fairy tale.

Were you wondering about the history of it all, you should check out the Aspire Christmas Reunion- 2020 article here for more insight into how Christmas looks like for our community.

This year’s edition

On 22nd December, just a couple of days before the big day, our aspirers were hugging one another at the entrance of the Intercontinental Hotel in Bucharest, sharing excitement looks for the evening to come. Of course, there were not too many hugs to wrinkle their Roaring 20’s – the Great Gatsby outfits or too many kisses to wipe the red rouge from some lips. Though, there were enough for the good energy to spread around the room and for some amazing photos to be taken.

Apart from the marvelous gifts received within the Secret Santa activity, the participants were surprised by our guests of honor, who virtually joined the party: Steve Jarding, Alain Heureux, Alin Claudiu, Dani Oros, Ana Voicilă and last but not least, Anastasia Soare. With their forever warm attitude towards their listeners, their immaculate presence and brave, strong personality, they all made the audience burst into little tears of joy. We are beyond grateful for having them as a part of our family! We can’t wait to see them face to face next summer. Best wishes to the greatest mentors of all!

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How Christmasy was the vibe, aspirers?

“The atmosphere was immaculate, from the ballroom to people’s attires. The Christmas tree and the photo cabin were the cherry on top. The best part was reconnecting with friends, sharing memories and spending the night dancing together. We were all a big family in that moment.”

Alexandra Mihailopol

“The Aspire Christmas Ball was just awesome! The 20’ s theme and the venue were really inspired, I got the chance to dress up. I have to admit that I was quite nervous before arriving. Once I got there (and met my Aspire friends), any negative emotions transformed into excitement. On that note, the stand-up tables were great for socializing. I caught up with all my peers from Aspire. I even met a few new people. We danced, had fun and talked all night. I really hope we’ll have many more Aspire activities as fun as the ball.”

Catinca Alexandru

What I liked most about the event was that I had the chance to see the people that I met during the program again. It was amazing to see each other and share our recent stories. Also, I really enjoyed the music and that we danced. My favorite part was by far the end of the party. At that moment everyone sang “Hall of Fame” and it reminded me of the amazing moments from the summer program.

Diana Dinu

Until next time…

When the clock turns midnight, every Aspire Christmas Ball participant must sing the “Hall of fame” lyrics out loud while the thematic cake makes everyone’s mouth water. This year’s party was no exception! The legend says that even now, some of us still hum that well-known melody, closing our eyes to feel the nostalgia better.

We are so thankful that the pandemic didn’t stay in our way to organizing and holding this great gala. Now since our desire to connect was more powerful than even the troubling context we are going through, we do believe that nothing can bring us down. That being said, we are so looking forward to meeting you at our next reunion.

Until then, happy New Year, folks! Stay tuned to our website and social media accounts and don’t forget that your Aspire friends are just a message away.

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