Hard skills versus soft skills

We hire for hard skills. We fire for soft skills. Rick Stephens, Senior Vice President of HR, The Boeing Corporation Hard skills refer to what a person is capable to do practically according to one’s training in specific fields while soft skills describe one’s ability to communicate with other people, to persuade, to handle tasks and emotions or simply put- to have traits outside one’s area of study and work. But are they both as important? Which of them helps the most? Can you make it in life without one or the other? As I have imagined that an array …

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Perhaps just reading the word ‘failure’ made you flinch. Any vivid, haunting memories come to mind? We identify failure with a lack of success and tend to take it very personally but most importantly, negatively. Yet such a view is not warranted.  Failure deserves to be redefined.  Failure deserves to not seem so demoralising.  Failure deserves to be valued.  When Thomas Edison was asked about how he felt to have repeatedly failed in designing a working light bulb, he replied freely “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10, 000 ways that won’t work.” One should strive to always have …

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5 memorable Aspire quotes- summer ’21

“Who is your role model?” No matter how common yet insightful interview question this is, all the Aspire alumni would find it difficult to look for the right answer to it. Why? Because every speaker at the summer program was a veritable addition to our people-to-look-up-to list. Our role models are those humans that inspire and guide us through every stage of our lives. Of course, they represent the best source for quotes since one of the most powerful ways in which they influence us is through their words. Although it would be next to impossible to remember each brilliant …

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How to write a successful Aspire application

Did you know that Aspire only accepts 15% to 20% out of the total number of applications? But don’t you worry! I am here to break to you a couple of secrets that will for sure make the recruitment team consider yours. Submitting your application to Aspire marks the first stage to pass until you can enjoy, not only a summer program but a veritable life-long experience. The application represents the first encounter a recruiter has with you. And, you know there’s a saying that goes like this: “You don’t get a second first impression”. That means that you have …

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Aspirers in the Spotlight – Bianca Negrea

We are excited to share with you the story of Bianca Negrea, Aspire Academy 2015 alumna, a people-oriented person with a problem-solving attitude and a lively spirit. She is currently using technology to automate marketing processes as a Campaign Manager in the Digital Marketing Department at LeasePlan, a leader in the Car-as-a-Service industry. Her great passion for volunteering led her to explore the possibilities of making a positive impact in a for-profit setup. Bianca is the Vice-Chair of a support structure within the business that aims to protect and promote employees rights as well as act as an advisory body …

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Aspire Accomplishments 2020: adapt, innovate, transform

Every September we start a new Aspire year with new plans, hopes and ideas. We turn ideas into plans, plans into projects and projects into means to reach our goals and objectives. September is also the moment when we think about the things we did, the projects we brought to life during this Aspire year. I’m excited to share with you briefly our Aspire accomplishments between September 2019 and August 2020 as well as a glimpse into our future plans.

Sebastian Patulea

Today we will continue the ‪#‎AlumniWednesday series in which we introduce to you one of our amazing alumni. Today will feature Sebastian Patulea, 2014 Aspire Academy Alumnus who graduated in Business Administration with Computing at The University of Kent, United Kingdom. He is currently doing his Masters in Finance and Investments at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. Sebastian considers one of his greatest accomplishments to be the fact that not only did he graduate from The University of Kent with a First Class Honors degree, but, at the same time, he managed his own portfolio of investments which achieved …

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