How can Aspire significantly change your perspective?

“If this is possible, what else is possible?”

Sorana Pascariu

When leadership potential meets inspiring mentors, well, we know we’ve got the perfect match! It is no wonder that the Aspirers achieve such greatness when their perspective is nurtured during the summer programs in such meaningful ways as those expressed by our dearest Sorana Pascariu.  

You might think “How can my perspective on life be changed in such a short time?”. We do understand you- after all, we have all been there. But Aspire is honestly not the one doing this job- it is you all along! Nonetheless, Aspire is a dynamic environment that fuels your soul, your ambition, and your courage for you to live out your true purpose.    

Let us show you why is it that you should embark on this exciting adventure if you are thinking to do so (or if you are not- yet!).

The image of yourself

At Aspire, your inner voice is heard and your core values are shaped. Perhaps you do have strong principles that guide your every step even if you don’t put them into words. Put into perspective what strength articulating them could give you- how many unanswered questions would finally have a solution and how certain inappropriate situations could then be so easily avoided.

Aspire provides a proper curriculum for this entire process of discovering and redefinition of yourself. The course on design thinking led by the amazing Luciana Herman, for instance, plays an imperative role in this journey.   

“Second first impressions” with Alexandru Agatinei


Being humble is a personal trait very much valued and appreciated. And so it should be. But what if you believe humbleness means not sharing your powerful opinions or you let yourself be intimidated by other people’s confidence? That is when Aspire intervenes.

Providing you with the means through which you can grasp how much of a difference you can make in today’s and tomorrow’s world, the summer programs do boost your confidence. Oh, and how this epiphany makes you feel!

The trajectory of your dreams

We all allow ourselves to think of a seemingly ideal life. Hidden plans. Ambitious goals. Disheartening odds that we wish to compete against. A dream that has been postponed forever. We all have them.

As soon as you leave the Aspire program, you cannot stop the flood of old forgotten dreams and new opportunities that come into your mind. But then, unlike other times, you do put them in motion. In essence, they become your new possible reality.

Development of actual skills

Being a leader doesn’t only require vision and motivation. It is also a challenge for your communication skills, your critical thinking or your teamwork abilities. During the programs, a number of courses are specifically designed to help you develop these fundamental qualities.

The mere thoughts of partaking in media training, public speaking courses and debates on politics, technology and many more in the span of a week are the reasons why a pragmatic reader should consider filling out the Aspire application form!

Your network

One of the best parts of the Aspire experience, on the whole, is, without a doubt, the people you come in contact with. You can have the most passionate partnerships with some people while others become your best friends.

At Aspire, anyone who doesn’t realize the value of being surrounded by quality people will find it out. For those of you who have already had such an advantage in your lives, you must also know that the more like-minded peers you connect with, the merrier.

Summer connections at Aspire

Best of luck to everyone out there applying to the programs! All of us are looking forward to seeing how the perspective of a new generation of Aspirers is broadened. Remember to always “shoot for the moon”, as Oscar Wilde once said, because “even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”.

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