Aspire Organising Team #2 – What it takes to be a wizard

As promised, we are continuing our blog series with two departments that have facilitated communication, tracked trends, defined brand new strategies and innovated. There is still time for you to decide: Are you a wizard or a muggle?

During times when change is the only constant and attuning to a “new normal” is crucial, the Marketing alongside with the Digital & Events circles called for adaptive ideas and creative minds. Discover the milestones our teams have exceeded and decide for yourself once again: Are you willing to powder your sparkle & enthusiasm over the Aspire year to come? 

Aspire Organising Team with Sam
Aspire Organising Team with Sam Potolicchio

Marketing Wizards – sharing our brand & values with the world  

Without marketing, any entrepreneurial activity is like sitting in the dark and expecting people to find you without a light. You could have the most amazing product or service, but if no one knows it exists or understands the value, you won’t make a single sale. Therefore, marketing is one of the fundamental pillars here at Aspire, too. It is here that we work and brand values, understand our target group, define strategic marketing plans to drive growth and profitability, develop designs & ideas from scratch and guide the future course at Aspire. 

Alexandra Nanu, fundraising & marketing manager, has told us more about her compelling journey in the Aspire Core Team, what changes she has pursued during her activity and how she explored and discovered true passions:  

“I joined the Aspire Orga team out of curiosity.  

This year I actively took part in the Fundraising & Marketing teams. Deeply convinced that I was passionate about pitching, sales and numbers I first approached the Fundraising Department where I was involved in writing stellar grant applications. Here it was all about learning to make people believe in my narrative and convince them of the necessity of the Aspire experience as a catalyst in one’s life.  

For some time in winter I had wanted to gain more insight into the marketing area: how you organize efficient marketing campaigns, how you nurture your creativity as a copywriter and produce appealing content, how you operate with Facebook and Google ads, as well as how much money you need to invest in your image as an NGO to draw the brightest students in the world to apply for the Aspire experience. That is why in January I doubled my activity in Aspire by approaching the marketing department.” 

Her main takeaways after the Aspire year? 

“Apart from all the comprehension I gained in the 2 departments, I’d like to outline that there are 3 crucial things that I know will stick with me from Aspire for the rest of my life:  

1. The dear friends and connections that I made that I know I can count on whenever and wherever; I also met my first real mentors through the Aspire Core Team.  

2. If you have never been employed before, working at Aspire kind of teaches you how you want to be treated in your job, how you have to deliver your assignments and what atmosphere to expect from your first workplace.  

3. Copywriting about the Aspirers’ stories of success inspired me to work harder towards my goals so that one day I will also have a narrative worth writing about.” 

Alexandra’s final thoughts: 

“Therefore, mark my word, become part of something greater than yourself and join the plain sailing of the Aspire Orga Team – I guarantee only the best waves will come out of it.”

Alexandra Nanu, Fundraiser & Marketing Manager 
Aspire Wizards - Organising Team meet up
Aspire Organising Team meet up

Digital & Events Circle – making our mission easily accessible worldwide  

Intent on connecting alumni from all across the globe, the digital and events circle has proven to be an imperative part of the Aspire operation. This year, the shift towards online events has stimulated the core team to implement webinars and courses to keep the community engaged and equip them with 21st century skills. However, their efforts combine both on ground and digital events, making it their mission to ensure a complete Aspire experience for the entire network. 

Iulia Gheorghe, Digital & Events Organiser leaves us with her thoughts upon how being part of the Aspire Orga Team encourages one to achieve their potential and become their best selves: 

“To me being part of the organizing team has been a unique experience because it taught me new skills such as working with people that I didn’t know before, at times it challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and arrange my schedule better and it made me more determined to learn about anything, not just my already established interests. It is an opportunity to grow as a person and bond with people that you admire, who can shape your perspective and see your potential. This definitely helped me understand the Aspire spirit at a deeper level and reminded me why I participated at the summer programme in the first place.” 

She also outlines why being in charge of different projects and being responsible of their outcomes is a formative experience at Aspire: 

“The organizing team is the best environment for people who are looking to meet deadlines with enthusiasm, who want to create for the community and who relate to the Aspire vision. It will make you feel like part of a family, there won’t be labels or ‘stupid’ questions, just open communication, some responsibility and a lot of fun – overall you will feel like you belong.” 

Iulia Gheorghe, Digital & Events Organizer 
Happy New Year’s fun

No sorcery needed so that the ideas coming from these two visionary cohorts sync up. It is their drive to accumulate new pieces of information, self-determination to train their advertising senses and eagerness to be in touch with the latest tendencies while having loads of fun & celebrating with their friends. If you find yourself matching with the above description, do not hesitate and apply for a spot in the Aspire Core Team – Marketing or Digital & Events right away!  

If you are still unsure whether this is the right place for you, stay tuned for our next article presenting further roles and skills you can embrace and develop in the following Aspire year! 

Authors: Alexandra Nanu & Iulia Gheorghe under the guidance of Miruna Iliescu

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