The First Aspire Dinners

As part of the 10th Aspire Anniversary, the Aspire Dinners initiative is a series of local events which bring together members of the Aspire Community with top leaders, businessmen or valuable individuals of our society in a close and friendly dinner setting, aiming to accelerate the networking and communication opportunities within the Aspire Community. Each event will have a specific topic for the night, so that the people from different professional fields can benefit from them.

The 1st Aspire Dinner with Sebastian Chiriloae

The evening of January 21st encapsulated a reunion of 14 Aspirers, lots of inspiring talks and a dinner in the Aspire spirit, all taking place at Lido’s Brasserie in Bucharest. Our inspiring dinner had Sebastian Chiriloae in the spotlight, who currently is the Co-Founder and Business Development Manager at MidoWeb. The evening started with a description of the decisions he has been facing since high school, when he began his entrepreneurial journey. Dedicating plenty of time to his extracurricular activities, he co-founded an NGO in his local community. A one-year exchange in the USA during his formative years taught him what responsibility meant, besides giving him the opportunity to understand the cultural differences and people’s mentalities.

While attending “Carol Davila” University of Medicine, he continued the entrepreneurial path by being the Co-Founder for geTTable, an app that lets people choose the seat in their favourite restaurant without the need of phone calls. He joyfully adds, “One of the most important pieces of advice that I could give is to make sure who you decide to do business with – it is as relevant as choosing a life partner!”.

“I would encourage all parents to send their children away for some time – it is a life-changing experience” (Sebastian Chiriloae)

aspire dinner
1st Aspire Dinner with Sebastian Chiriloae

“The best part about Aspire Dinners is the feeling you get when surrounded by amazing individuals. The dinner with Sebastian was a great source of inspiration, in a friendly and cosy environment. It was the best way to reconnect with older Aspire friends and meet new faces and I bow to the organising team for doing such a great job! Sebastian’s life experience was uplifting and I cannot wait to hear other professionals’ stories and learn from them.” (Georgia Canura)

The 2nd Aspire Dinner with Daniel Iacob

Daniel Iacob is Film Producer and Managing Director at Zazu Film which is one of the most successful movie production, sales, casting and distribution companies in Romania. The projects include well-known films such as #Selfie (2014), #Selfie69 (2016) and Oh, Ramona! (2019).

Last Tuesday, the second Aspire Dinner took place at Daniel’s office in Bucharest with 7 Aspirers. It was an evening full of life stories, advice and sharing. As one of the participants Marius Stanciu describes, “we had a free discussion with Daniel which was not limited to a stiff and technical approach about film production, rather it was a discussion about life, daily rituals, yoga and good wines, among others”.

2nd Aspire Dinner – Daniel Iacob

Action Required

We are planning more Aspire Dinners, but we would like to liven up more hubs. That is why we want to encourage you to take the initiative of designing an Aspire Dinner! It is an exciting, easy to do project, which will surely bring lots of networking opportunities. So, if you are interested, make sure to contact us via email and we will tell you everything you need to know:

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