Aspirers in the Spotlight – Raluca Stefania Georgescu

This week Aspirers in the Spotlight series gives an insight into Raluca Georgescu’s professional excellence and motivation. Currently a resident doctor specialising in pediatric dentistry, Raluca joined Aspire Academy in 2016. Since then, she has been an invaluable alumna for Aspire, taking various roles within the organizing team.

Beside working at a private clinic as a pediatric dentist, she is the co-founder of Aducem Zambete, an NGO providing dental hygiene education. As part of the NGO’s mission she dedicates her time to teach both children and parents how to take care of their teeth and offer free trainings for children in orphanages and disadvantaged areas.

Being part of this community makes me always want more and do more. (Raluca Georgescu)

What Aspire changed for Raluca

The Aspire Program was the environment in which she got a spark of the idea which was soon going to ensure her professional success. Having gained proper advice and a boost of confidence after her Aspire experience, her initiative had its debut one year later. One of her first trainings as part of the NGO’s mission happened at a free camp for children, organised by one of her Aspire friends.

Raluca pitching Aducem Zambete

Raluca’s motivation for Aducem Zambete

Raluca’s story and motivation began much earlier, though. Since her mother used to work in a Romanian orphanage, Raluca grew up surrounded by children with a disadvantaged background. What had struck her back then was the lack of guidance regarding the oral hygiene; no such institution had a stomatologist, despite the fact that children needed help when brushing their teeth up to the age of 8 years old.

While still studying at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Raluca knew that something had to be done to help the future generations of Romanians. Therefore, to provide people with a thorough dental education, she founded an NGO that delivers trainings for both children and parents. She has also organised workshops for underprivileged youngsters, teaching them the importance of proper hygiene.

Raluca during an oral hygiene training

1) If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be? 

Failure is a failure only when you stop. Failure teaches you how to fall better, it will make you smarter and it will reconfirm how much you want it.

2) What are your non-negotiables? 

Not brushing your teeth 😁

I don’t know if I have such a thing. I always try to understand what is behind someone’s attitude (e.g. bad behaviour) and see if there is anything I can do. People have a lot of background reasons that they don’t acknowledge and this makes them do a lot of nasty things.

3) What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?

I am very peaceful with my past and my decisions. Even if it was hard at that moment, I knew it was the best thing I could do, so looking back, I can’t remember “the hardest decision”. I think it is just a matter of perception and I am ok with who I have become.

4) What is that one book that has influenced you the most? 

I would definitely recommend reading “The invisible child” by Gaspar Gyorgy.

Raluca attending Aspire Academy 2016

5) Why should people apply for an Aspire experience?

I would recommend Aspire because the Aspire experiences are designed to make you discover yourself and connect you with people similar to you that will inspire and motivate you to continue grow and achieve excellence.

Favourite Quote

“Doctors won’t make you healthy Nutritionist won’t make you slim Teachers won’t make you smart Gurus won’t make you calm Mentors won’t make you rich Trainers won’t make you fit Ultimately, you have to take responsibility Save yourself.” (Naval Ravikant)

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