5 memorable Aspire quotes- summer ’21

“Who is your role model?” No matter how common yet insightful interview question this is, all the Aspire alumni would find it difficult to look for the right answer to it. Why? Because every speaker at the summer program was a veritable addition to our people-to-look-up-to list. Our role models are those humans that inspire and guide us through every stage of our lives. Of course, they represent the best source for quotes since one of the most powerful ways in which they influence us is through their words. Although it would be next to impossible to remember each brilliant …

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How to write a successful Aspire application

Did you know that Aspire only accepts 15% to 20% out of the total number of applications? But don’t you worry! I am here to break to you a couple of secrets that will for sure make the recruitment team consider yours. Submitting your application to Aspire marks the first stage to pass until you can enjoy, not only a summer program but a veritable life-long experience. The application represents the first encounter a recruiter has with you. And, you know there’s a saying that goes like this: “You don’t get a second first impression”. That means that you have …

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The Scholarships Series – #1 Gabriela Ciolacu on her experience as an Aspire X generation scholar

Are you curious how the scholarships work at Aspire? As we’re constantly looking for amazing individuals that could benefit from our programs, we wanted to make sure we’re doing everything we can to make our events available for as many people as possible. We’re working on improving our programs and bringing inspiring teachers every year, and we are also working on expanding the scholarships opportunities we offer. The technical details about scholarships and the steps you have to take to apply for one are already available on our website, but we thought it would be more beneficial to also give …

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Aspirers in the Spotlight – Bogdan Topîrceanu

Bogdan Topîrceanu is part of Aspire Academy 2012 generation. He has a PhD in Visual Arts and, currently, he is teaching arts at Avenor International College and Rubik School. Apart from this, he is developing my own startup, ArtLink, an AR solution for the arts and culture sector.

Aspirers in the Spotlight – Bianca Negrea

We are excited to share with you the story of Bianca Negrea, Aspire Academy 2015 alumna, a people-oriented person with a problem-solving attitude and a lively spirit. She is currently using technology to automate marketing processes as a Campaign Manager in the Digital Marketing Department at LeasePlan, a leader in the Car-as-a-Service industry. Her great passion for volunteering led her to explore the possibilities of making a positive impact in a for-profit setup. Bianca is the Vice-Chair of a support structure within the business that aims to protect and promote employees rights as well as act as an advisory body …

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Aspire Christmas Reunion – 2020 edition

Christmas ball Aspire

Despite needing to adapt to a tumultuous context and having suffered a few (unnoticeable) changes, the Aspire Christmas Reunion is getting close here once again. So, sit comfortably and buckle up for a new Aspire journey;.

Aspirers in the Spotlight – Dan Mocan


In this edition of Aspirers in the Spotlight, we’re featuring Dan Mocan, a business manager and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of the Box Barbell Club, a sports club/gym/community with 3 different locations in Cluj, Romania. Dan actually didn’t start his professional journey as an entrepreneur. He has both a bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Studies from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. During his university years, he was more passionate about volunteer work (working with NGOs and at the Comedy Cluj International Film Festival). After finishing his bachelor’s degree, Dan …

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Aspirers in the Spotlight – Bianca Adelina Florea

Bianca Florea

Bianca is a successful Aspire alumna who graduated Aspire High School in 2014. An extremely hardworking catalyst and high achiever, she combines her passion for law with her entrepreneurial spirit.