Daniel Rizea and his algorithm // Humans of Aspire

With the 2023 arrival, we’ll continue our Humans of Aspire series with Daniel Rizea, our 2021 Alumnus. He is one of the critical thinkers our community has. He graduated from Universitatea “Politehnica” Bucuresti and now he works at Google and spends his free time helping startups at an early stage.

1. What are you working on right now (maybe both on a personal and professional level)? 

“My current professional role is Engineering Director at Google. I am contributing to the global Fitbit Health Consumer strategy and leading an engineering organization with teams in Bucharest and Mountain View. In my free time, I am also mentoring and coaching startups and teams that want to build technology products.” 

2. What do you consider your best achievement is? 

 “I would say changing the game from competing with others to competing with myself and becoming a better version every day. “

3. What does Aspire mean to you? 

 “Aspire represents an awesome community of brilliant people. “

4. How do you feel Aspire impacted your personal & professional growth? 

“It’s hard to say, there are all sorts of compounding effects that are hard to pinpoint. I think the courses, stories and networking gave me a different perspective on how to look at the world.”   

5. What is the most treasured memory you have from Aspire?

 I think it’s one from the Christmas Party in the pandemic. Even if it was supposed to finish early, it finished early the next day.

Now that you find out more about the people that make Aspire Magic, we hope that Daniel’s journey inspired you, and watch out because the best is yet to come as the registrations for the 2023 Summer Programs will be open in less than a month… So keep an eye on our Social Media pages!

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