Cristiana Tepes and the importance of a habit loop // Humans of Aspire

We are more than excited to continue our Humans of Aspire series with a person very close to our hearts, Cristiana Tepes. She is our 2015 Aspire High School Alumna, and she graduated from King’s College London. 

1. What are you working on right now (maybe both on a personal and professional level)? 

On a professional level, I am a financial consultant specialised in Mergers & Acquisitions. Outside working hours, I help organise this year’s Aspire programs and also planning future international trips.

2. What do you consider your best achievement is? 

Creating a habit loop that enables me to improve myself every day.

3. What does Aspire mean to you? 

Aspire is an overview of how your life could look like if you gave it your all. 

4. How do you feel Aspire impacted your personal & professional growth? 

The program significantly improved my mindset and the network helped me through major life decisions.

5. What is the most treasured memory you have from Aspire?

All those “Hall of fame” moments.

We hope that some of Cristiana’s answers have inspired you, and taking this article as an opportunity, we are more than pleased to announce that we’ve opened the registrations for the Summer Programs! So don’t overthink it and apply now!

The Early Phase Registrations are open until the 26th of February!

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