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We are more than glad to continue our Humans of Aspire with Miruna Iliescu, a 2018 Aspire Professional Alumna. Miruna is a doctor in communication sciences and more about her you’ll definitely find out in this article, so prepare to be impressed!

1. What are you working on right now (maybe both on a personal and professional level)?

Although just a short time passed since the beginning of the year, many changes happened already. After this long “period of uncertainty” as all marketing materials mentioned during pandemics, I finally catch up on things I was supposed to do earlier: I got my driver’s license, changed my job, redesigned my bedroom etc. These days I am also finishing my last tasks as an associate lecturer for the 1st semester at SNSPA. 

2. What do you consider your best achievement is?

Becoming the person I am today. I cannot point just at one event or achievement as all small and big moments are a building block of who I am today. But maybe if I ask my family, my best achievement would be becoming a doctor in communication sciences and teaching at university.  

3. What does Aspire mean to you?

Aspire is for me a place to recharge, reconnect and grow a little more every time I attend events or meet new members. 

4. How do you feel Aspire impacted your personal & professional growth?

Sam Potolicchio inspired me to start my PhD and to become more interested in teaching activities. I was fascinated by how his passion and involvement in education seemed to open many doors and brought travelling opportunities. I also met a few awesome people that I am happy to see at Aspire events.  

5. What is the most treasured memory you have from Aspire?

Aspire Alumni Weekend – my favourite Aspire event.

We hope that Miruna’s answers inspired you and also made you think bigger about yourself and your future. If so, you must apply to Aspire! 

Don’t forget the Early Phase Registrations are open until the 26th of February!

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