The formula for a good life

The beauty of being alive is having a multitude of choices to make. This variety explains why every one of us has a different lifestyle. What are our commonalities, though? What should we pay attention to in order to create a good life for ourselves?

At the last Aspire High School 2021 session, Dan Oros, Head of the Marketing Department at Google Romania and Aspire Academy alumnus from the 2011 generation presented us the five most important elements that make for a good life and how they affect us throughout our lives: health, relationships, career, community impact and last but not least, financial status.


”Mens sana in corpore sano” is the Latin saying that we are all taught in one way or another since childhood. Our subconscious knows that health should be our top priority. However, once we get lost in the moment or start focusing on a future accomplishment, the vast majority of us tend to neglect this factor, lying to ourselves regarding that diet that we will start “on Monday” or those sleepless nights, “the ones that may never be forgotten”.

There are three key factors that influence our health and energy every day: nutrition, sport and sleep, as Dan suggests in one post on his Facebook account.

Some say that “we are what we eat”. Some create TV campaigns persuading us to walk “at least 5000-6000 steps a day”. Others tell us that coffee will not replace those hours of sleep lost while burning the candle at both ends. Studies do them all justice. While we are surrounded all the time by both these pieces of advice and by temptations such as fast food, we are the only ones capable of making a decision for ourselves.

For those who are looking for ways to help improve their health, Dan has recommendations to make regarding devices and apps in all three main areas:

  • Nutrition: Veri, Zero Fasting, Withings
  • Sport: Fitbit, Apple Watch
  • Sleep: Oura Ring, Whoop

For more biotech tips you can look Dan up on YouTube (here) and Facebook (here).


The relationships we engage in during our life are essential for our view of the world, for our fulfillment and success. Love is undoubtedly what unites us all and what makes us develop, no matter its kind.

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At Aspire, because we meet like-minded people, our community remains connected long after the summer programs. For instance, the Aspire parties are very common among alumni, ranging from Christmas balls (see here the 2021 edition) to birthday and wedding parties.

The opportunities that the Aspire network provides for its members are limitless. We are everything from a supportive family and true friends to business partners. Don’t hesitate and complete your application now to become one of us!

Career, community impact and financial status

Have you ever heard of the ikigai concept? It is a Japanese concept that means ”a reason for being”. It explains how the best activities that you could be doing are based on four pillars: what you love, what you are good at, what you can be paid for and what the world needs. Something that, for you, meets the criteria above indicates that is your true purpose in life. ”Find the thing that you would die for and live for it!”


Although someone’s career, community impact and financial status are usually closely related to each other, they may appear in our lives in different forms and in separate contexts. No matter what path we choose to follow through our careers, there will always be ways to have a positive impact on the people around us and the world (volunteering, being politically involved, innovating in science for the benefit of the environment and so on).

Furthermore, while the financial component might not ”bring happiness”, a good material status makes our existence significantly easier and saves our energy for things other than worrying because of living on a shoestring. Dan’s advice on the topic? „Find a way to make money while you are sleeping”. Invest in stocks or be an entrepreneur- whatever suits you!

Evaluate where you are at in every one of the five domains above. Inspire others with your strengths and get inspired to work on your weak spots. Aspire to have a life that you love to live. Design it the way you wish it to be and act to make it happen now!

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